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Rent to Own

This program is perfect for people who are relocating to Florida or moving inside of Florida due to work, family issues or maybe just getting familiar with the area and aren’t sure if you want to purchase a home yet.

Our Rent to Own program also works well if you want to purchase a home but credit is an issue and you need time to re-establish your credit.

How does this Rent to Own Home work?

Minimum requirements from the Buyer are as follows:

Option #1

  • Minimum middle FICO credit score of 575
  • First & Last month’s Security deposit.
  • Household must earn at least $50,000
  • Cannot be in an ONGOING Bankruptcy
  • Purchase house for agreed amount of money at any time during the 1-5 - year lease period. Purchase price is established BEFORE you sign the lease.
  • Leave the home when the rental period is up and receive your security deposit back if there is no damage to the property.

Option #2

  • Minimum middle FICO credit score of 575. To purchase the home in 2 years with No Down Payment, you will have to be able to obtain a Fannie Mae conventional in two years for the 100% Financing program. You’ll have two years to work on your credit if that’s an issue.
  • First & Last month’s Security deposit.
  • Household must earn at least $50,000
  • Cannot be in an ONGOING Bankruptcy
  • Purchase house for agreed amount of money after the second year with 100% Financing and No Down Payment

Florida Rent-to-Own Pre-Qualification Form

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this program, please help us expedite your approval by filling out the Pre-Qualification form below

Buyer(s) Full Name(s)

City of Interest

County of Interest

Email Address

Phone Number

Do you own or rent your current home?

Desired Home price range

Maximum Pre-Qualified purchase price (if you have been Pre-Approved in writing by a lender)

When do you anticipate purchasing a home?

Do you now or will you have at least $3500 in a bank account to be used for your professional Home Inspection, Earnest Money Deposit, Appraisal Fee, and Loan Closing Costs?

Discharged Bankruptcy filed in past 2 years -OR- Home Foreclosure / Deed in Lieu Foreclosure / Short Sale in past 3 years?

Is Buyer 1 or Buyer 2 a Teacher or State/County School Employee, Nurse or EMT, Police or Fire Department Employee, or Military Active/Reserve/Veteran?


Compensation method

Annual Income BEFORE TAXES, NOT including bonus, commission or overtime UNLESS you have been at the same job with the same company for AT LEAST 2 FULL YEARS

Total MONTHLY FINANCED DEBT that would appear on a standard credit report including: Car payment, MINIMUM PAYMENT for ALL credit cards COMBINED, monthly student loan payment for EACH Borrower, any monthly installment loan such as furniture, jewelry, boat, jet ski, personal installment loans, IRS Tax Lien Payments etc...

Lenders are generally NOT concerned with typical household expenses such as rent, cable TV, Insurance payments, utilities. Please do not include those daily expenses.

FICO Credit Scores: If you dont know your FICO scores, you can get a free report at by answering a few questions. While we have no connection with Discover Card, we've found that this program seems to be the least intrusive, most secure and most accurate way of finding out your credit score.

Is there anything else you would like to add that might affect your ability to obtain a mortgage loan?

Thank you for taking the time to supply this general information about your financial profile. This information is never sold and remains confidential. As soon as we can the process this information, we’ll get back in touch with you.

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