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Loan Officers make the best Realtors because they have guidelines embedded into their psyche! They know more about mortgage financing than any Realtor could possibly know!

Our Brokerage specializes in Florida Down Payment Assistance and we know more about financing options for First Time Home Buyers then anyone because most of us were once Mortgage Loan Officers!

This is no “pitch”, or “blue sky come on” our Brokerage is the recognized leader in helping ordinary Floridians achieve the American Dream using down payment assistance. We have the websites that the Lenders go to when they want to see the guidelines!

When one of our Applicants makes an application with us, they are either serious about purchasing a home or they are at the very least, beginning to think about it.

That’s where we come in. We qualify the Applicant based only on the information that volunteer to give us and then we go over some possible First Time Home Buyer programs that they may qualify to participate in. Most of the programs involve some sort of down payment assistance or our rent-to-own program where they pick they house!

Then we recommend one of our Down Payment Assistance Lenders who routinely Originate our down payment assistance loans. Sometimes if the Applicant has a lot of work to do to get mortgage ready, we’ll suggest an alternative program which is out Rent-to-Own program. Either way, you’ve helped someone significantly and you’ve sold them a house in the process!

We do not charge our Realtors a fee for leads, nor do we charge a monthly or annual Brokerage fee. You earn money and we earn money at the same time.

You will have to have a valid Florida Real Estate license and you will have to belong to your local MLS and Realtors Board like you would anyway. We supply the leads. You supply the knowledge and start representing Home Buyers at a frantic pace!

If this sounds like you, send us your information we’d like to speak with you!

Please fill out the application below.

All applications are confidential and we will not speak to your current employer unless you allow us to do so. However, we will have to speak with your former last two employer(s) to make sure you'll be a good fit. Hope to hear from you soon!

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