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This website is owned by a very unique Florida Real Estate Brokerage that provides very motivated mortgage and real estate leads to our Realtor Consultants. Many of our Realtors have been Loan Originators but are now Florida licensed Realtors. Because of their extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry they are naturally trained to carefully explain down payment assistance programs to our Company generated Applicants.

We do not charge our Realtor Consultants for these Applicants and there are No monthly or annual fees paid to the Brokerage. We’re in business to help our Applicants get through the loan process, whether they end up using down payment assistance or not.

We are specifically looking for current or former Mortgage Loan Officers who:

  • Want to earn a $80,000 per year or more, but don’t want to sit in a cubicle for the rest of their lives!
  • Tired of arguing with Processors and Underwriters on every single Real Estate transaction?
  • Tired of explaining to the Loan Production Manager what they’re going to close that month?
  • Tired of the pressure from “razor thin” Borrowers who will blame you if their longshot loan doesn’t go through? (Its always the Loan Officers fault!
  • Tired of some obscure guideline killing your deal?
  • Tired of wondering where their next deal will come from?
  • We have all the right answers to all those concerns and we really do get to help our First Time Home Buyers!

You won’t be begging Realtors or anyone else for their business. Instead you’ll have all the business come to you! You won’t have to spend any money on advertising because you will have more quality leads and applications than you can handle! And you won’t be paying for them!

You won’t feel the pressure of each Borrower who’s sitting on the edge of a razor whether they get a loan approved or not. Now that’s someone else’s job after you’ve discussed the Borrowers options before you recommend one of our approved Lenders. The Borrower’s won’t be coming back to you mad as hell because YOU lost their Inspection money, appraisal money and possibly Earnest Money! You’ll no longer have that intense pressure unduly placed upon you anymore! When you get done qualifying them, you’ll send them to a specialized Mortgage Loan Originator who routinely Originates Down Payment Assistance loans.

You will be speaking with motivated and willing company generated Applicants. You’ll be pre-qualifying them before you assign to a Loan Officer. Once the Loan Officer gathers their credit and financial data, you’ll go show and represent them as they purchase their homes!

There are no minimum monthly quota’s that reduce your commissions. Its up to you how much you want to earn. However, if you don’t Close at least 12 properties per year, we’ll have a short relationship because there are plenty of people that want to purchase homes and you know exactly how to maximize their abilities to get that job done!

Each one of us can generally Close between 25 to 30 properties per year. Our Real Estate commission split is very attractive. The average property sells for over $182,000 and the average gross commission is between 2.5% - 3% per sale.

If you would like a limitless amount of the highest quality leads which feature required information from the Prospects to include:

  • Name
  • Cell Phone
  • Email address
  • Where they want to live
  • How much they want to spend on a house (Our lead minimum is $150,000 purchase)
  • Comments (typed from the Prospect, such as when to call them)

We have our own specialized Down Payment Assistance Lenders who can atest to the fact that we are for real, we help a lot of people and you will close residential real estate Home transactions at an amazing pace!

All you need is a Financial Calculator, (probably an HP12C), your knowledge as a residential Mortgage Loan Officer and a Real Estate License. We’ll even reimburse you back the complete cost of the mandatory real estate classes, the required study books, and the cost of the State of Florida Board test. After you’ve closed your 3rd transaction, we’ll cut you a check for the cost of the classes and the cost of the State Board test.

The only money that you’ll be required to spend after you successfully pass the Florida State Real Estate Board, will be for your local Real Estate Board and MLS Service. You won’t be paying the Company any monthly or transaction fees! We keep it simple.

If you think this sounds like a better way to earn a high income, it really is and we’d like to speak with you.

Please fill out this confidential application

We will call you back in the next 48 hours to answer any questions that you may have.

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