Listing Procedures

As always in business, there are exceptions to every rule. When it comes to Listing Real Estate, the same is true. However, unless the Seller instructs us differently when listing property, the following is the very least of what you can expect.

  • Service Guarantee We will have your home under contract in 29 days, or we will not charge you the listing agent's commission. The property has to be priced according to our written recommendation. If you want to keep the property listed, you would be asked to reduce the price to our recommended price until it sells, or you can remove it from MLS.
  • At time of listing, Seller can provide names of prospects to Mid Florida Realty, MFR will not charge the seller the co-op agent fee of 3%, if we sell the property to the seller's pre-determined prospects
  • We will list the property within 48 hours of receipt of MLS set up documents and help you fill out appropriate disclosures.
  • Mid Florida Realty Agent to come to the property and take up to 25 exterior and interior photos which will be used as the listing photos. Seller may also provide properly sized digital photos in JPEG format as well.
  • Make recommendations to Seller on how best to present their property to make it more appealing to Buyers.
  • List the property in over 500 local and national websites such as:,, Juno, Excite,,,, ERA, Century 21 etc... using IDX technology.
  • Provide Seller with a Supra Electronic Lock box for Agent access only, and/or a combination lock box for emergency entry. On request provide Supra Key reports on which individual Realtors go in the property. You can only tell if a property has been accessed by using a Supra Lockbox. No additional charge for the temporary use of the Supra Lockbox.
  • Provide Seller with a Comparative Market Analysis to determine optimal recommended Listing price by a professional Realtor.
  • Suggest a Listing price to Seller for subject property.
  • Provide Seller with all appropriate Seller Disclosures. These forms to be filled out and placed on the MLS Listing for Agents to obtain, so Buyers can sign these documents during the offer process. Examples are: Sellers Property Disclosure, Homeowner Association Disclosure, and various Condominium Disclosures etc... These documents should be completed at time of listing to avoid delays and misunderstandings when an offer comes in.
  • Make changes to listing information free of charge such as update listing price, update descriptive remarks, add/replace photos etc..., and any information that isn't accurate on listing.
  • If a prospective Buyer is represented by an outside Real Estate Brokerage, Mid Florida Realty is directed to negotiate a sales price and terms with Buyers Agent, per the direction of the Seller.
  • Due to legal reasons, Mid Florida Realty cannot advise an unrepresented Buyer in the transaction. Mid Florida Realty represents you the Seller and can only provide "ministerial duties" to the prospective unrepresented Buyer. These "ministerial duties" does not allow advice, judgment or discretion, such as providing contract forms to any unrepresented Buyer.
  • In the case of an unrepresented buyer, MFR will provide necessary forms, contractual documents, obtain signatures and submit executed offers to all appropriate parties including Title Companies, Lenders, Surveying companies, Homeowners or Flood Insurance companies or other traditional third party companies involved with the Closing process. MFR will be due the co-op agent's commission from the seller upon successful closing.
  • Make recommendations to Seller regarding negotiating decisions.
  • Suggest Title Companies who are legally capable of Closing Real Estate transactions.
  • Follow up with the Title Company and review the HUD-1 Settlement Statement with Sellers only. The Title Company would discuss the Settlement Statement with an unrepresented Buyer.

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